CPL Online Courses
CPL Online Courses

Whether you are converting your foreign license or starting your career, all courses are structured to accommodate your needs and success in the exams.

Distance Learning Advantage
Distance Learning Advantage

With CPL Online you are never alone in your studies, as you will have the full support of professional instruction either at the end of the telephone or via email.

Why Choose CPL Online?
Why Choose CPL Online?

Capt. Tapash Kar (www.tapashaviator.com) has trained over 1200 pilots. Our pass rate is better than our competitors, and the feedback of our students speaks clearly for itself.


Our Clients Say it Best

What a great instructor!!! I passed the Composite in my very first attempt when failure rate was more than 85%. Thank you for all the rules of thumb, and all the hard work you put in to make sure we understand all the concepts and study! You are the best.

P. Srikuruwal
Some of the fellow pilots told me that the DGCA exams are a 'Nightmare'. From my point of view, it was much easier than claimed. Probably it was because of Tapash Sir. It was my first exam and I passed with above 80 scores in Composite. Actually to be honest the whole class passed. I was shocked at how he taught the subjects with such ease. He actually gets your fundamentals cleared. He is an excellent teacher and I recommend him to all my pilot friends who want to get their conversion exams done in the first try!!!

Kshitij Singh
The techniques/confidence that Tapash Kar sir taught me in his ground classes are essential for any Indian Commercial Pilot License aspirant as the focus is not only on clearing the exams but also on the thorough understanding of the subject. The small batch size helps the cause even better. I can say that he is the most dedicated instructor that I have ever trained with. His experience and knowledge of indian aviation industry will prepare you to pass the DGCA exam in the first attempt. Thanks again for everything!!!!

Anshul Rai
"Ground Studies for Pilots!"...These are the words that get thrown around when you ask any CPL holder to suggest study material for the DGCA conversion exams. While the GPS's serve as an invaluable reference tool towards the DGCA exams, your training to crack the exam is far from complete without proper tuitoring from someone who can give you the 'hands on' experience with materials such as question banks and mock exams. I can safely say that the coaching provided by Tapash sir is on par with some of the most experienced and best in the industry with many years of teaching experience under their belt. I would recommend his structured coaching programme to anyone attempting the DGCA conversion exams, particularly Navigation. He limits his class size to deliver personalised attention wherever needed - this becomes helpful especially to those like myself who may not be mathematically inclined, and have to deal with so many unfamiliar technical jargons and mathematical formulas, and get to grips with them in so little time! I wish Tapash sir and his students many happy landings.

Arshad A.
Its been an amazing and very good experience being with you and clearing my composite exam with 84% marks. "You are the BEST". You really how to tackle with the situation and guide your students in right direction.

"To start with first i would like to say that Tapash sir you are the best teacher i know.Tapash sir is a very stoic pedagouge,the way he teaches things is awesome,students never get confound with the things.Tapash sir is a very helping teacher and completetly dedicated and devoted to his work,his duty i.e. to give his students the right knowledge and information not only about the subjects he teaches but also about the rules and regualtions of the Indian Aviation.His teaching skills are very pensive i can never forget so many topics and formulaes he has taught us,ever in my life.I cleared my DGCA exam when DGCA made his level of exams very hard,but all credit goes to Tapash sir because of whom not only me but more than 95% of his students cleared the exams.Once again thank you so much sir."

Govinda Baweja